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  • Healthgrades' 100 best hospitals for spine surgery in 2021

    Healthgrades published its 2021 Specialty Excellence Awards on Oct. 20, which includes the top hospitals for spine surgery.

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  • Pain in the knees

    It’s not just the older folks that encounter pain in the knees, especially the front of the knees. Just think back to PE class. Teens obsessed with football, baseball and the many other sports can end up causing pain to the soft tissues.

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  • The ABCs of Physical Therapy

    We often gets asked about Physical Therapy and if it can help someone get better and feel better. The short answer is YES, it can help you get better and feel better. If you have not experienced PT in the past this quick blog will help provide some basic information about physical therapy, or also known as ‘PT’.

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  • Facts about Platelet – Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

    PRP is a preparation made in a lab from a patient’s whole blood, where platelet-derived growth factors are concentrated and injected back into the same patient to stimulate healing. PRP is blood plasma that is enriched with platelets.

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  • Tips to keep a Healthy Spine

    The spine is a complex system of bone, ligaments, discs, tendons and muscles, that provide structure and support to the body. The spine also protects are central nervous system, and allows us the ability to be upright and mobile. What incredible creatures we are!

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  • Physical Therapy – Carlsbad

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  • MRI Facility – Carlsbad

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