The ABCs of Physical Therapy

We often gets asked about Physical Therapy and if it can help someone get better and feel better. The short answer is YES, it can help you get better and feel better. If you have not experienced PT in the past this quick blog will help provide some basic information about physical therapy, or also known as ‘PT’.
PT starts with a very specific, customized treatment plan to help improve your body’s mobility. Our team of therapists will develop a detailed roadmap of Physical Therapy to help streamline activities like walking or going up stairs. If you need help with pain relief and/or restoring physical function our PT experts will help you get the specific care you need.

physical-therapyOSNC has two physical therapy offices, one in Carlsbad and the other in Vista, both state-of-the-art facilities with highly trained PT therapists and PT aids that will develop a winning strategy to get you better. Depending on the injury, disease, or condition, your physical therapy program may focus on flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and balance. We may treat specific problem areas or the PT team will bring together a prevention strategy so that you can be strong and stay strong. Much of the work performed by the team can help with the treatment of problems affecting:

  • Muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones (musculoskelatal system)
  • Nerves and related muscles (neuromuscular system)
  • Heart and related blood vessels (cardiovacular system)
  • Lungs and breathing (pulmonary system)
  • Skin, including wounds and burns
  • Any combination of two or more of these

Now that you can see a quick snapshot of how PT can help you or your loved ones…pick up the phone and call us to set up an appointment. Physical therapy is a great way to improve mobility and feel better again!

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"The entire team at OSNC is great, very professional and took the time to put me at ease. And I only have praise for the Dr. Erik Stark, a wonderful doctor who never disappoints!" Patient of Dr. Erik Stark
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