Pain in the knees

It’s not just the older folks that encounter pain in the knees, especially the front of the knees. Just think back to PE class.  Teens obsessed with football, baseball andteenage-knee-pain the many other sports can end up causing pain to the soft tissues.  Knee injuries among young athletes, particularly girls are a growing problem. Boys age 11 to 15 and girls between eight and thirteen are at greater risk. Although, teenagers and young adults who are physically active may sometimes experience pain in the front and center of the kneecap, or the patella.  The condition is called adolescent anterior knee pain.

Adolescent anterior knee pain is not usually caused by a physical abnormality in the knee, rather, it is often due to overworking the knee or maintaining a routine that fails to include stretching or strengthening exercises. Remember the gym coach telling everyone to stretch? Strengthening exercises are known to relieve anterior knee pain and help your young athlete get back to his or her favorite sport!


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