Mazor Robotics

What is the Mazor Robotics System?

Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System for Spinal Surgery is an image-based guidance system that provides consistent accuracy. This cutting-edge technology is a sophisticated process that can replace unguided, by- hand methods with state-of-the-art computer- guided precision. It streamlines the process, and in some cases can eliminate the need for open surgery and large incisions, replacing that with minimally invasive procedures.

What is it used for?

  • Spinal fusion surgery- This surgery is used to fuse two or more vertebrae in the lower back to immobilize them, to prevent nerve compression and instability. It may be used in spinal fractures, spine instability, and for chronic low back pain. When done without a guidance system, this surgery requires long, open incisions so that the surgeon has a direct view of the vertebrae. This results in more risk of infection, complications, and more pain. The Mazor system allows the surgeon to visualize the vertebrae with only minimal incisions.
  • Spinal fractures- when the vertebrae are compressed and fracture. These fractures are usually due to osteoporosis. The repair is called a vertebroplasty which is a minimally invasive procedure where the surgeon may use a bone cement to glue the fracture together. Not everyone with a vertebral fracture is a candidate for this procedure. The goal is to stabilize the fracture to stop the pain. Commonly the surgeon will use an x-ray to guide the needle to the location where the glue will be used. With the Mazor System, this process becomes much more accurate, and helps the patient not only become pain free, but also improves mobility that can lead to a more active lifestyle.
  • Scoliosis correction- Scoliosis is curvature of the spine. Mild cases are commonly treated with physical therapy and medication. But, when this condition causes debilitating pain the next step is surgery. This surgery is straightens and fuses the spine with implants and bone grafts. This is not a cure, but can correct abnormal curvature and prevent progression of the disease.
  • Revision surgery- to correct a problem caused by a prior spinal surgery. Studies show that when screws and rods are used to fuse or fix the spine, they can become misaligned or misplaced. This occurs in about 10% of conventional spinal surgeries, due to the surgeon’s reliance on x-rays and CT scans. The danger of misplaced screws cannot be underestimated as they can cause serious complications like injury to the nerve, spinal cord and blood vessels. These issues are eliminated with the use of the Mazor Guidance System.
  • Biopsies for spinal infection or suspected spinal tumors. Usually a biopsy is done with a needle inserted through a small incision. The surgeon must rely on x-rays and CT scans to locate the right spot for the biopsy. It is a difficult and time consuming endeavor which can increase the length of the surgery, cause tissue damage and a larger scar. The use of a computerized guidance system makes the surgery more accurate and less invasive, while decreasing surgical time.

What are the benefits of using this system for spinal surgery?

Clinical studies have shown that the use of the Mazor Guidance System allows minimally invasive spinal surgery to be more accurate, improves patient safety and provides higher, precision surgical guidance, with less trauma to surrounding tissues.

The surgeons at Orthopedic Specialists North County San Diego adopted the Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System to assure our patients receive the least invasive, most accurate spinal surgeries with the least amount of complications, smallest incisions, less post-op pain and quicker recovery.

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Neville Alleyne, MD:  Dr. Alleyne, a surgeon with Orthopedic Specialists of North County, is certified to perform robot-assisted spinal surgery. He specializes in treatment of neck and back problems.

Payam Moazzaz, MD: Dr. Moazzaz is an orthopedic surgeon with Orthopedic Specialists of North County. He specializes in robotic surgery of the spine.

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