Fracture Care

What is fracture care?

All fractures require immobilization to prevent the fracture from moving out of place and prevent further injury until it is healed. This can be accomplished by surgical and nonsurgical approaches.

Methods of Stabilization

  • Splints

A splint helps relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms, and protect the bone until orthopedic intervention is necessary. It does not go all the way around the fractured limb to allow for initial swelling following the injury. Splints are non weight-bearing. A splint can be used to manage acute and selective fractures or sprains, and for initial stabilization.

  • Orthopedic Casts

Casts are made of either synthetic materials (fiberglass or polyester) or plaster. A cast completely surrounds and stabilizes the limb to completely immobilize it. They can be used whenever your orthopedic surgeon at Orthopaedic Specialists of North County determines a cast is the best method of stabilization for your specific injury.

The Orthopedic Technician

The Orthopedic Technician is a specifically trained allied health care individual who assists the orthopedic surgeon to create splints/casts, fit durable medical equipment, and provide instructions to the patient on the use of these items. They also assist with wound care, suture removal, and bandaging. They may also assist the orthopedic surgeon in the operating room.

Closed Reduction

When a fracture is displaced or improperly angled (the bones are not in correct position), closed reduction is the technique where the bones are put back in place or “reduced” without surgery.

This is done to allow the bones to heal with proper alignment. It can be performed initially for any displaced fracture.

Closed reduction helps bones heal, decreases pain and improves the chances that your leg or arm will look, feel and perform as normal when it heals.

The Procedure

Closed reduction can be painful so medicine to block the pain will be administered. It can be:

  • Local anesthetic or nerve block
  • A sedative through an IV or
  • General anesthetic

When it takes effect your orthopedic surgeon at Orthopaedic Specialists of North County will set the bone in the right position. He may pull or push the bone to get it in the correct position (traction).

A cast or splint will be applied and an x-ray will be taken to confirm acceptable alignment.

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