Physical Therapists

Setting goals is the best way to achieve a successful rehabilitation outcome. The physical therapists at OSNC treat individuals who have medical problems or other health-related conditions that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.  At OSNC our teams will help you create a personalized rehabilitation plan that will help you get better through the skilled services of our physical therapists.

From walking up stairs, to getting out of bed in the morning, the goal of physical therapy is to make these and other daily tasks easier. Our physical therapists will meet with you, talk about your symptoms and assess your daily activity. We will work with you on a treatment plan that can help your joints move better and to restore or increase your flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and/or balance.

"Location, professionalism and availability are key aspects that are very important to me. OSNC came through on all fronts! Dr. Stark and his staff are truly amazing." PATIENT OF DR. ERIK STARK
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