The ABCs of Physical Therapy

We often gets asked about Physical Therapy and if it can help someone get better and feel better. The short answer is YES, it can help you get better and feel better. If you have not experienced PT in the past this quick blog will help provide some basic information about physical therapy, or also known as ‘PT’. PT starts with a very specific, customized treatment plan to help improve your body’s mobility. Our team of therapists will develop a detailed roadmap of Physical Therapy to help streamline activities like walking or going up stairs. If you need help with […]


Pain in the knees

It’s not just the older folks that encounter pain in the knees, especially the front of the knees. Just think back to PE class.  Teens obsessed with football, baseball and the many other sports can end up causing pain to the soft tissues.  Knee injuries among young athletes, particularly girls are a growing problem. Boys age 11 to 15 and girls between eight and thirteen are at greater risk. Although, teenagers and young adults who are physically active may sometimes experience pain in the front and center of the kneecap, or the patella.  The condition is called adolescent anterior knee […]


Bone Density Screening

Bone density (also called bone mineral density) is the amount of bone minerals in bone. Bone minerals give bones their hardness, and the strength to withstand breaking. Bone mineral density is dynamic in humans, continually being resorbed and renewed during the bone modeling process. This process is regulated by hormones that keep bone buildup and resorption in balance. The only way to evaluate bone density, and estimate the risk of breaking a bone is with bone mineral density screening. It will tell you if you have normal density, low density (Osteopenia) or Osteoporosis. When a patient is taking medication to […]


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